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Below is a summary report and highlights on the captioned funds since July 2012.


1. No. of Service users

1.1 We are serving students from primary to secondary school of six families whose parents are having hearing impaired challenges.

1.2 We are also serving 10 students of 9 families whose parents are having visually impaired challenges;


2. Scope of services

2.1 Our part-timer, Ms Alsa Kwok, have carried out 100 home visits to those families in order to understand about specific needs of the families. Following the visits, we can tailor-make the service according to on-site assessment.

2.2 We have so far arranged 360 tutorial classes to 15 students over the nine months. We deploy the approach of 專才專教.

It is an effective approach to facilitate their growth and development and to advance their learning.

In fact, for most cases, it is observed that students can improve their academic results in a satisfactory level.

2.3 Sharing session. To exchange experience on teaching students with specific needs among tutors and parents with a disability, HKNPIS has organized a sharing session in August 2013. All participants including Mr Sam Lui, sponsor of the Education Funds and Mr Lam Wai Pong, Chairman of the Funds, also attended the sharing session and felt satisfied about the works.


2.4 The Inaugural Summer Golf Program. To facilitate students' other learning experience and let them have more exposure, The Funds has organized the Summer Golf program for those students last Summer.


3. Some Highlights

3.1 Our tutors come from HKU Master Degree graduate, HK Polytechnic University, City University as well as HK Baptist University. 

3.2 The Funds is working closely with Equal Opportunity Education (EOE) in order to strengthen our service for the disabled families.

3.3 We are just helping a girl who has just admitted to st Paul's Coed. and her father is a visually impaired person.